Aslan Service Centre is the best tyre shop in Campbelltown. It is focused on providing the best quality tyre replacement service and customer satisfaction. We stock a huge range of tyres at competitive prices, so you can drive with the comfort and safety all the drivers deserve. Our affordable tyre range will give you improved traction and control to tackle the surface at any condition.

Benefits of Choosing Aslan Service Center:

The prices are Affordable

Tyres are Fitted and Balanced

Provides Highest Quality Wheels and Tyres

Friendly Customer Support

The most important function of the tyre is to keep you safe on the road. Aslan Service Center by taking the time providesproper adviceas it is necessary to know that the vehicle will not depend only on the tryes fit your vehicle, also the way you use it. This makes our experts recommend tyres that perfectly suit your vehicle, also your driving conditions. With our commitment to provide you the safety, performance and budget, tyre replacement Campbelltown takes advantage of the latest advancements in the technology of the tyres and engineering to ensure that you will get the best value every time.

The tyre shop Campbelltown, Aslan Service Center knows that the appropriate advice has to be provided along with the right service. We ensure that our experts will fit the tyres of your vehicle and this will provide with a confidence knowing that your vehicle will corner precisely at any conditions and stop safely.


  • Expertise in tyre fitting
  • Perfect electronic balancing
  • Replacementof safety valves

At our tyre shop Campbelltown, there are no hidden or unexpected charges when you arrive to have your tyres fitted by our professionals.

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