Aslan Service Centre is one of the best Brakes and Clutch Repair centers in Campbelltown with professionals having 40 years of manual experience in the field and is specialized in providing a range of vehicle service with quality workmanship a car services.

Brake Repairs Campbelltown

The brakes are considered as the vital safety components of the vehicle and it should never be tampered with the persons who are not completely qualified as it made leads to the malfunctioning of brake system showing the indications like steering vibration, pulling to one side under braking, excessive squealing, the pedal of the brake sinking to the floor etc.

Aslan Service Centre’s brake Servicesincludes

Rear and front brakes inspection

Brake fluid quality and hydraulic components Inspection

Recommendation of the need of repair

Brake pads and Rotor replacement if required

Faulty Hydraulic Components Inspection

Adjustment of Handbrakes and Brake lights Inspection

Vehicle Road test for ensuring brakes functioning

Clutch Repairs Campbelltown

Aslan Service Centre replaces clutches for cars with access to world brands and local ones. It provides the complete clutch checking including adjustment, hydraulics andreplacement services for all makes and models in Campbelltown. The symptoms of the clutch system malfunctioning includes Slipping when changing gears, Shuddering of clutch while releasing, noise while depressing the clutch pedal etc.

 Aslan Service Centre’s Clutch Repairs includes

Inspecting Clutch fluid quality and clutch components

Faulty Components Replacement

Clutch Assembly Replacement

Flywheel Machining

Vehicle Road test for ensuring the clutch working

Aslan Service Centre along with Brake and Clutch Repair services Campbelltown , also provides complete scheduled logbook servicing, general mechanical repair services, Tyre replacements and others at best prices.

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